The Human Enrichment Zone at Tsogyelgar Dharma Center is based on the idea that when people work hard together, they can uplift the experience of everyday life. We put our effort, intention and sweat into projects which enact the good, the beautiful, and the true.

Practically, this means we make art, grow good food sustainably, and help others. Some of our projects are described here:

Copper Colored Mountain Arts is a 501-(c)(3) nonprofit arts organization seeking to revitalize arts and culture by offering classes, studios, events and exhibitions outside of an academic setting.

Wishing Tree Gardens is local non-profit organization dedicated to providing healthy fresh food to local people in need, using innovative and sustainable practices for large scale organic waste recycling, creating beautiful contemplative spaces, and serving the community as an educational center in all these areas.

Vision Builders is a U.S. based organization that carefully selects partners from around the world who are native to and living in their regions, and who have already started small humanitarian projects in the fields of health care, children’s education and job training for women.

Teachings on dharma and truth can be found on the website of t.k., who has lived and shared the enlightened state for 20 years. his presence and teachings defy categorization, the narrowness of dogma and the current tendencies of spiritual commercialism. like the ancient sages he lives simply and offers his blessings and teachings freely.

Please contact A-tsal at if you are interested in participating.