Like anyone just awakened the soul cannot look at bright objects. It must be persuaded to look first at beautiful habits, then the works of beauty produced not by craftsmen’s skill but by the virtue of men known for their goodness, then the souls of those known for beautiful deeds . . . Only the mind’s eye can contemplate this mighty beauty . . . So ascending, the soul will come to Mind . . . and to the intelligible realm where Beauty dwells.
— Plotinus


Tsogyelgar is home to a number of practicing artists who create work as an expression of their faith. In addition, we host guest artists from a range of disciplines. 

Some of the major artwork on the property at Tsogyelgar:

  • Tantric murals in the large shrine room
  • Boxes and painting by Sangchen Tsomo
  • Mirror Hut of Fa-Tsang
  • Stupa
  • Paintings by Tina Burch
  • Bronzes by Tad McKillop 
  • Installation by Traven Pelletier