Art at Tsogyelgar

A liberation theology of art could help to undo the effects of this deadening time when art has been co-opted by the shabbiness of commercialism and the shallowness of fashion. An aesthetics of sublimity is needed. In every moment beauty surges forth from-in-as-of the unborn wisdom mind disrupting the status quo of mediocre conceptuality. The self-liberating dynamic of wisdom bliss functions through beauty, playfulness and creativity. It invites, seduces and provokes beings out of the mediocrity of subject/object's dulled perception.

Sangchen's Paintings


Appearance as enchantment. 20 years ago Sangchen Tsomo walked away from the brick a brack world of conventional world job, family, politics, entertainments, internet and wandered into the woods to live a life of retreat as a Tantric Buddhist yogini. Having accomplished the goals of the path she lives like a cloud, carefree, wandering about in aesthetic spontaneity. Her magical configurations utilize cast off cigar boxes, toys, wire, found objects, paint, to create vast canvases and tiny worlds that are a dialogue between the expanse of emptiness and the magic of appearing. 



The Shrine Room at Tsogyelgar

The shrine room at Tsogyelgar is a unique environment which combines traditional and modern aesthetics. The painting director, B Love Davis, trained under Pema Rinzin at the Rubin in New York before spending an entire year, day in and day out, painting the four twelve foot tall wall murals. Traktung Khepa directed the work closely and infused the painting with contemporary elements.

Paintings of Christina Burch

A document of artist Christina Burch creating "Crystal Palace" for Swarovski, featured in the December 2011 issue of Harper's Bazaar. Her piece is made up of thousands of Swarovski crystals and ornaments fixed to an aluminum panel. 

Christina Burch lives in long term hermitage retreat at Tsogyelgar's property in the mountains of West Virginia, and exhibits her work internationally. Over time, she has worked closely with Traktung Khepa to bring together her painting with her spiritual life, which can be seen in the imagery, style and texture of her work.

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Gallery of works by Christina Burch

Stupa of Dharmakaya


Learn more about the stupa at Tsogyelgar here.

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