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The one I love is all emptiness and brilliance.
The one I love is beyond the touch of ‘is’ and ‘is not’.
The one I love is unborn and undying.

This dissolving Love has made me useless to a modern world.
You, who are the Friend to all, can’t be friended on Facebook.
You, who are the locationless place of all places, have no place on Google Map.
You, who are the dimensionless space of all appearing, can’t be pined to the Pinterest wall.
You, who are the source of all flavors, can’t be reviewed on Yelp.
You, in whom all appearing arises, won’t ever be uploaded to Instagram.
You, who give rise to the alphabet, can’t be searched by Bing.

I think of you, who are no ‘you’ at all, and even the idea ‘me’ is lost in mystery. I wander out into the garden and there you are in snail and stem, dirt and blossom.

I think of you, who are no other - and no self, and mind is swooned. I fall up into the bowl of the sky wandering appearance’s living room and you are host and you are guest, you are chair, computer, table and meal.

I think of you, who can not be thought of, and thinking resolves in Silence. This dissolving love has made me useless in two worlds and everywhere I wander there is only you and your playfulness. t.k.