Dzam Music built temples for them in their hearing.
— Rilke

Dzam studio is used to record most of the dharma music that is associated with Traktung Khepa and Tsogyelgar. t.k. and Tsochen Khandro have given endless support and guidance on how the music best transmits the vision of the teachings. In addition the studio is occasionally used by outside musicians to record. Artists include Martin Torchishi, Ryan Vanderhoof, Anna Elizabeth and others.

You can download a selection of Dzam Studios music on our Just A Tourist page & our Downloads Page.

Dzam studio is home of the bands Just a Tourist and Honey Rain. From the poetry of great spiritual masters to mantras, sadhanas and innovative instrumentals, these musicians offer you the uncontrived luminosity of wisdom mind in musical form.

Dzam studio is a professional recording studio built between 2010 and 2011. It was designed by John H. Brandt in collaboration with Ryan Vanderhoof. The construction took less than a year which is highly unusual for a studio its size. The 300 square foot rock wall and double floating walls create excellent sound isolation and a distinctive acoustic environment.

"The Sweet Slip Away" from the album In the Woods of Nowhere

Tsochen Khandro, voice of Honey Rain, here in session with Ryan Vanderhoof.

Tsochen Khandro, voice of Honey Rain, here in session with Ryan Vanderhoof.

My mind lost in twilight, the shadows through the sunlight, the patterns on the trees.
And all the pretty people seem to know where they are going,
to know what seeds they’re sowing: But the suffering is slamming,
and the pain and hate is damning, and the daylight all is draining from the hand that holds my life.
The sweet slip away…

Fingertips brush memories leaving paper cuts and drops of blood
like patterns on the paper of my life. And all the tracing lines of life,
drawn in shades of red and white, this complex play of shade and light,
the cascade of sunlight from above. This aching heart born in love,
the subtle feelings spoken of… falls from heart to eye to world.
The sweet slip away…

My mind is lost in sunlight, the patterns all become the bright,
and love becomes the play of sight, like patterns on the trees.
The sweet slip away...

Lyrics by Traktung Khepa
Music by Just a Tourist