...As we cleanse our karmic stream and the joy and fierce integrity of refuge grows ever deeper, we wake up to the fact of our limitless depth. In this intuition we become wildly more grateful to the process, the path, the lineage, the Guru, the Sangha - existence. This gratefulness naturally manifests and deepens in the Mandala practice. When we start to recognize that generosity and kindness are our nature, and we discover that the act of giving is the activity of love, then we want to sever the bonds of fretful grasping. True generosity is the act of never grasping. To not grasp is not a passive thing - grasping prevents the natural Buddha activity of giving. Mandala moves us into the sphere of Buddha generosity - a generosity of spirit, feeling, possessions, everything. The worldly beggar always asks for some thing; the beggar of love only asks to give away his/her life...
— Traktung Rinpoche

To begin mandala practice, you will need to make 5-colored rice, get your materials for the practice, and make a refuge mandala. Instructions can be found here

Begin the practice by singing nirmanakaya, sambhogakaya, and dharmakaya offerings:

Appearance appearing this sky like expanse, display of every sensual offering, adornments for the mandala, ornaments of bliss and wisdom, body, possessions, loved ones, world, these I offer without withholding, and through this action unhesitating may I become a Victorious One.
Luminous wonderment vast unceasing, dense array of every bliss, vajra body, the shimmering channels, dakas, dakinis in their pure lands, the sixteen joys, the pleasures of bindu, these I offer in their fullness, and through this action unhesitating may I become the foremost yogin.
A lotus field of resplendent light, offering flowers of exaltation, the youthful body substanceless, the mind set free in non-contrivance, the innate nature of EVAM, these I offer to the Thus Gone, and through this action unhesitating may I abide as deathlessness.


One makes 3 piles of rice for the syllables OM AH HUNG which encompass all appearing, the unborn wisdom bliss and the inseparability.
— Traktung Rinpoche

Click on the right arrow to see the step-by-step movements for the practice:

Tashi demonstrates the practice slowly twice to demonstrate the form clearly, then quickly to demonstrate a good pace:

The Vajra Fist

Keep your right hand in a vajra fist while making the offering. The vajra fist is made as the thumb closes off the base of the ring finger which contains a channel where energy can leave the body. By blocking the channel, you are containing the energy.  As you make the offering this way, you will be brushing the plate with the main vein in the wrist which relates to your identification with a self. This way you are wearing down self-identification.