Ngondro literally means ‘before going’. Ngondro is a series of methods which forge the body, mind, energies into a vehicle which can stand up to the challenges of the path and contain the blessing force of transmission. Many times people are able to encounter spiritual blessings, transmission, but this pours right through them like water through a sieve. Other times people may feel it and experience the moment of transmission but not be able to contain or preserve it, work it and make it part of their system. In the best case scenario this leads one to understand the need for more preparation. In the worst case scenario one enshrines the moment in memory and it becomes an idol, “a golden calf”. Ngondro is the method whereby many of the tendencies, which would undermine authentic spiritual practices, and many of the strengths needed to move smoothly in the spiritual waters, are cultivated.
— Traktung Rinpoche

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