Stringing a Mala for Ngöndro Practice

Here is what you will need to string a mala used for Ngöndro practice:


108-bead Sandalwood mala (8mm beads recommended)

1 turquoise Guru bead (larger than the rest)

1 amber dakini bead (10 mm +)

2 crystal beads

1 marker bead at 21 (of a different kind, anything you like)

a set of counters

a 10,000 movable counter

a five-colored tassel (15 yards of tassel silk makes a nice, full tassel)


The Actual Practice:

Begin with 3 Vajrasattva mantras to purify the mala materials.

Visualize a RAM on your tongue (in Tibetan or the letters RAM). This RAM turns into a flame, the flame turns into Guru Rinpoche.

Recite the Guru Mantra as you string the mala and each time you add a bead, visualize Guru Rinpoche entering into the bead.

Start with the string going through the Guru bead and end with the string again going through the guru bead. Knot it, then leave enough string to tie the tassel on.

Count your beads before tying the tassel on. There should be 108 plus the Guru bead.

Click here to download the above instructions as a PDF

Click below to watch a video on how to string your mala. Be sure to watch in 1080p to be able to clearly read the captions.