Tsochen Khandro

Tsochen Khandro was born in 1961 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She was passionate about the search for spiritual understanding from a young age and was curious about spiritual traditions from other parts of the world. Tsochen Khandro was also a great animal lover from early childhood and raised many orphaned animals. At age 13, because of her experience and capacity in helping adult rehabilitators, Khandro was the youngest licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator in the State of Michigan.  

Tsochen Khandro and t.k. met in college. Upon meeting t.k., Khandro remembered their past life connection and knew she would spend the rest of her life with him. This was confusing to her because she was Catholic at the time. From that day, which took place over 30 years ago, they have been together. Khandro has also had a strong connection with Dungse Thinle Norbu Rinpoche since their first meeting and remains his devoted disciple.  

t.k. is both Khandro’s life partner and primary teacher. Since encountering the Tantric path through his teachings, Khandro has practiced passionately and diligently, completing many solitary retreats. She has had an important role in creating the community from its inception.  Khandro is an example of the qualities of a Tantrica and what it means to live the view. 

While t.k. is an expert in imparting the teachings and communicating them in fresh and accessible ways, Khandro is able to share insights about how to make use of the teachings in one’s life and how to live as a devoted practitioner.  

In 2009, Khandro’s seeking came to an end. She now enjoys the results of the resultant path and is firmly rooted in benefitting all beings just as a mother cares for her children. 

Tsochen Khandro sings "This Meeting, as in a Dream", a wisdom poem by Thinley Norbu Rinpoche.

Tsochen Khandro helps students to see where they have strayed from the path and how to return to it. She is an excellent communicator and makes herself available to sangha members for support, inspiration and guidance on a one-to-one basis and also in small groups. She is playful and laughs easily. Khandro loves children, animals, adults and even teenagers and is an avid reader who is curious to learn about just about anything.