A Place for Radical Spiritual Enquiry

True religion is always individual. Authentic spirituality is a fire in the heart of an individual whose very being demands to know Truth, Reality, the Absolute, first hand for themselves. True religion is born in the transformative process of a single individual who is willing and able to engage the rigors of authentic spiritual work. It is born from the fire of radical spiritual enquiry. - t.k.

Tsogyelgar is an esoteric school, a sanctuary for radical spiritual enquiry and contemplative practice. Under the direction of the awakened living sage t.k. students students at Tsogyelgar have studied the ancient methods of human transformation for 30 years.


Esoteric teachings must not be museum relics, faddish fixations on foreign cultures and imagined past epochs. Authentic teachings and the spiritual work of transformation flows forth from sources untouched by time or culture. They flow forth from the pure mind of awakening. The essence of spiritual awakening is timeless but its expression and methods must be comprehensible here and now.

What is offered in the spiritual school of a living master are the methods whereby you might realize the deathless bliss of awakening first hand for yourself. The path is offered, the methods, imparted, the way shown, the transmissions and blessings needed are given but you and only you can walk the path for yourself.

What is taught is not “Truth”, for the absolute is beyond the grasp of any word. Rather what is taught is how to realize the truth. At Tsogyelgar we practice the ancient methods of Vajrayana, Tantra, which have been tested and proven effective across centuries and cultures. What insures this living immediacy is the appearance in every generation of spiritual adepts. Women and men who awaken to the most profound aspects of reality and are able to share these with others.

direct introduction to the nature of Reality, dzogchen and tantra

At Tsogyelgar we practice methods as powerful and relevant now as 2500 years ago. Through the direct instruction and living transmission of a realized spiritual master the teachings have the warmth of immediacy. There is no dogma to blindly accept, no confused imitation of some other time and place. Each method is understood in terms of practice and potential before it is ever engaged.

There are no golden calves. Everything can be questioned - must be questioned. An authentic spiritual master relishes questions, they thrive on them. They have walked every step of the path and so they understand every step of the path. Because of this they fear no questions, rather, they invite them.

Every structure, method, teaching on the path is open to question. No one should blindly follow. No one should do anything unless they understand its purpose and practice. - t.k.
“American culture is like a solvent reducing everything to its lowest form in order to make marketing and consumption easy.

To reduce the mysteries of spiritual life, the profundity of the teachings to meager and shabby trappings of the secular Mindfulness Movement or spa style relaxation techniques is one example. It would be like first graders who, learning to add, imagine they now understand quantum physics. - t.k.