Tsogyelgar: A Place for Radical Spiritual Enquiry

Here we are not engaged in stress reduction. Stress is not the problem, meaninglessness is. Debilitating stress is born from the the desolation of missing life’s true point. A life pervaded by meaning encounters life’s challenges as part and parcel of the great quest for spiritual awakening.
- t.k.

As Buddhist practitioners, we are motivated to bring beauty, truth, and goodness to our community through how we interact with our land, our animals, and each other. At the heart of everything we do is mindfulness and care, with a passion for quality and sustainability. - Tsochen Khandro from At the Heart of Everything is Dharma
Prajnaparamita, goddess of non-dual meditation wisdom.

In every time, culture, religion, society there have always been esoteric schools which serve those in whom a demand for first hand esoteric spiritual wisdom burns. Outside the veils of spiritual commercialism, faddism, shallow fascination with foreign cultures and times past or neurotic fixations of childish dependency and adolescent rebellion The Great Work has always continued in every time and place.

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Tsogyelgar is such a place. Founded by t.k. and Tsochen Khandro 30 years ago, Tsogyelgar is a sanctuary for investigation into the meaning of human life through inquiry and contemplative practice.

An esoteric school is a community where the conditions for inner growth and transformation are fostered. t.k. and Khandro each bring unique gifts blending perspectives, styles of communication and skills. This method of teachings has deeply enriched the evolution of the community at Tsogyelgar. In addition to this, after 30 years, there is a core of practitioners who have in depth experience of the path and its stages who help create the unfolding context of the work.

The methods of the path flow forth from the awakened wisdom mind that is untouched by time or place. At the same time these methods arise in accord with the needs of beings within specific times and cultures. The subtle work of imparting these methods is enacted by a golden chain of transmission making the path and teachings perpetually fresh and immediate.

t.k. giving teachings on alchemical methods of Tantra and Dzogchen at the Tsogyelgar Stupa.

t.k. giving teachings on alchemical methods of Tantra and Dzogchen at the Tsogyelgar Stupa.

Visiting Tsogyelgar:

The lineage and methods are a sacred trust and are made available to those with a deep sincere interest and earnest longing for spiritual discovery born from the alchemy of radical inquiry. The teachings are not a business and we do not charge for teachings.

Tsogyelgar is not a public place but it is possible to arrange a visit, attend occasional public teachings, or meet with t.k. by contacting info@tsogyelgar.org