Un-reasonable Happiness

Circumstances can bring joy or sorrow but there is a divine happiness that is untouched by events, happenings, circumstances and this wisdom bliss is the deep forever of our lives and beings. 7:30 pm, at Crazy Wisdom in Ann Arbor.

Traktung Kepa is an awakened sage, farmer, poet and family man who has taught the path of Buddhist Tantra for the last 27 years to the Tsogyelgar Community in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This vibrant community of 70 or so people has developed a way of life which makes the ancient Tantric Buddhist path a living reality here and now. 

Offering the teachings in the style of the earliest Tantric masters, t.k. integrates every aspect of the path into daily living through practical demonstrations of how to turn passion and aggression’s confusions into wisdom bliss. t.k. rarely teaches in public but has kindly agreed to give a series of talks this summer. Teachings are always free. 

Hans AndersonComment