Tsogyelgar: A Place for Radical Spiritual Enquiry

Here we are not engaged in stress reduction. Stress is not the problem, meaninglessness is. Debilitating stress is born from the the desolation of missing life’s true point. A life pervaded by meaning encounters life’s challenges as part and parcel of the great quest for spiritual awakening.

Here we are not selling Corporate Mindfulness packages, fast food spirituality and shopping mall shamanism. You will not find a shopping cart app or successive levels of weekend workshops like some pyramid marketing scheme.

Socrates said “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Here we offer profound, powerful and tested methods for forging body, speech, mind, qualities and actions into an alchemical chamber for the exploration of life and transmutation of confused consciousness into wisdom awareness.

This is an esoteric school, a place for radical questioning and contemplation in the manner of the ancient traditions. - t.k.
Prajnaparamita, goddess of non-dual meditation wisdom.

In every time, culture, religion, society there have always been esoteric lines of the ancient and great teachings which serve those in whom an unquenchable fire of spiritual longing burns. A longing to know Truth first hand through direct awakening. Still, to this day, behind the veils of spiritual commercialism, faddism, shallow fascination with foreign cultures and times past or the neurotic fixations of childish dependency and adolescent rebellion there are places of transmission and learning - sanctuaries of spiritual awakening.

Traktung Yeshe Dorje enlightened sage, Tantric tradition.

Tsogyelgar is a sanctuary for radical spiritual enquiry and contemplative practice. Under the direction of the sage t.k. the ancient methods of Buddhist tantra are powerfully relevant in this time and culture.

The methods of the path flow forth from the awakened wisdom mind that is untouched by time or place. At the same time these methods arise in accord with the needs of beings within specific times and cultures. The subtle work of imparting these methods is enacted by a golden chain of transmission making the path and teachings perpetually fresh and immediate.

Alchemical yogas of the subtle body. Tsa lung tigle.

In one moment t.k. will be giving exquisite finely detailed traditional teachings on the subtle yogas of Tantra’s completion phase or Dzogchen. In the next he will be enliving this with references to Gurdjieff, western esoteric schools, Krishnamurti, the Upanishads, medieval Kabbalah, St. John of the Cross, Nisargadatta Maharaj, the Sufis of mediaval Spain, the black virgins of Provence, Carl Jung, Hakuin, Rinzai, Ikkyu, the Essenes or demonstrating yogic methods of energy transformation or explaining the subtle details of tantric visualization as sensual alchemy.

Visiting Tsogyelgar:

The lineage and methods are a sacred trust and are made available to those with a deep sincere interest and earnest longing for spiritual discovery born from the alchemy of radical enquiry. The teachings are not a business and we do not charge for teachings.

Tsogyelgar is not a public place but it is possible to arrange a visit, attend occasional public teachings or meet with t.k. by contacting info@tsogyelgar.org