“The mind of meditation is perpetually fresh, open to possibility."  - t.k.

With human beings evolution has become a conscious act that action is called spirituality. Without resort to blind faith or dogmas the spiritual path is a science and art of radical enquiry - an exploration of what it means to be human, alive, in this world. Tsogyelgar is a center for meditation dedicated to this far reaching questioning. 

The name Tsogyelgar comes from the 8th century female Buddha Yeshe Tsogyel and "gar" meaning a  gathering of people living a shared vision. The incarnation of truth, beauty and goodness arising from the practice of meditation in this modern culture and time is ours.

Tsogyelgar has grown organically over 26 years around the teachings of an American-born awakened sage called t.k.. This teaching has now flowered in the wisdom realization of several others who help guide the community as a whole. 

Tsogyelgar's band Just a Tourist was winner of Indaba Music's Best New Love Song 2016 AND Current magazine's Ann Arbor's Favorite New Band


"All beings by nature are Buddha, as ice by nature is water. Apart from water there is no ice; apart from beings, no Buddha. How sad that people ignore the near and search for truth afar."  -  Zen Master Hakuin's song of Zen

Each person's Buddha Nature is always already present. It can not be bought or sold, given to you or taken away, but it can be obscured by confusion. The Buddhist and Tantric path does not proclaim truths but offer practical methods for realizing enlightenment in this very body, this very place. 

"Truth is not something which can be handed to one it must be realized for oneself in the fabric of one's living.” —Tsochen Khandro

"A spiritual realization that is not manifested in a ceaseless overflowing of creativity, compassion, wisdom, love in action is pointless and useless." t.k. The teachings at Tsogyelgar are rooted in ancient wisdom, contemplative and yogic methods and lived in practical modern life. 

The meditation retreats, teachings, farm, bakery, gardens, relationships, solitary retreats, community celebrations are all equally places where we engage the alchemy of spiritual work. In the company of a true spiritual master everything becomes poetry of circumstance with the possibility of triggering spiritual awakening. 

The Tsogyelgar community is an ongoing experiment in ways to live a life of meditation, friendship, work, love and play that supports the central aim of radical spiritual enquiry. The small meditation center has grown into an organic farm, bakery, creamery, beautiful gardens, and professional quality music studio and meditation spaces of great power and sacredness. 


"I have been to all the sacred places, temples, but never have I found a pilgrimage site as mysterious ad sacred as this body." - The 8th century Buddha Saraha. 

The practices of Tantra makes use of the inner mysteries of the human body and life and require an extraordinary level of human maturity, individuality and independence. Your very own body, its senses, feelings, thoughts become the vehicle for attaining enlightenment On the path Tantra uses ancient practices tested, by women and men, over centuries and across continents. You own body mind are the laboratory of this experiment. 

Without dogma or blind faith the practitioner tests the methods of Tantra's transformative alchemical symbols and mantras, its yogic practices and its contemplative disciplines. Catalyzing changes within the subtle inner yogic body new organs and ways of knowing mature.  When the body mind are capable of holding the energy of enlightened wisdom bliss a radical and spontaneous transmutation of individual consciousness into unborn and undying wisdom awareness occurs.

The result of all this is a human being without quotation marks, as the mystic Gurdjieff used to say, is born. Enlightenment, right down to your toes is the result. Spiritual realization means to make the most profound truth real in body, mind, feeling, qualities, actions. The sage is awakened 24/7/365 in profound intimate relation to everything. 

In the beginning there is an aesthetics of liberation harnessing the power of beauty and sensuality as path. In the end this same power, fully realized in body, flesh, mind, feelings, qualities and actions becomes a ceaseless fountainhead of creative energy. The gardens, esoteric Tantric imagery, music and art at Tsogyelgar are both path and expression.

If you are interested in exploring these teachings further email us for more information.