The fire of radical spiritual enquiry, and the undying wisdom bliss realized by it, is not the possession of any cultural, time, place or being. No one can give it to you. No one can prevent you from realizing it. That one who drinks from the elixir of wisdom is born into deathless truth. -t.k.

Tsogyelgar: The radical nature of spiritual awakening transcends culture and time though, for it to be alive, potent and transformative, it must be firmly rooted in time and place. In every generation the teachings arise in accord with the needs of beings through the agency of the spiritual adept. The spiritual master is one who has walked every stage of the combining the traditional methods and teachings passed down through an unbroken chain of transmission with the living immediacy of direct wisdom realization transcending the all limits in the freedom and wisdom bliss of awakening.

Tsogyelgar is the teaching center of such an awakened one who goes by t.k. The direct revelation of wisdom offered by t.k., while deeply rooted in Tantric and gnostic traditions, is unencumbered by obsolete cultural trappings. At the same time the teachings do not not succumb to the uninspected assumptions of todays culture of consumerism, cult of nihilistic scientific reductionism or fast food, quick fix spiritual gimmickry.

t.k: Born in Washington D.C. in 1959 t.k.’s entire life was molded around the passion of spiritual longing. Raised in a non-religous home. his philosophy professor, when asked if he was an atheist or agnostic replied “You would have to think there was an actual question to bother having an answer.