These days there is a trend of so called spiritual teaching that counsel that any form of seeking takes you away from right here right now where awakening has always been. Spiritual pablum at best. All the spiritual paths which have arisen from, within and as the agency of non-dual divine enlightened wisdom have understood that the absolute enlightened state must have always already existed.

Tantra and Dzogchen have always been what is called The Resultant Path because it they take the fact of always already divine Buddha Nature as teh starting point.

The spiritual path begins with divine truth. The teaching of this is called The View. The spiritual path ends with the realization - making this truth real within the actual lived existentiality of your day to day life. This is Buddhahood. Between these two the path removes the obstacles and hindrances which prevent one from seeing and living this truth.

While it is true that one doesn’t have to create, attain, manufacture, travel elsewhere to enlightenment this fact does not contradict the methods of radical non-dual paths such as Tantra, Dzogchen, esoteric Chirsitanity, Sufism and others.

If one stands on the edge of the grand canyon with a friend at sunset and you say “Wow, check out the sunset!!! Un-freaking believable beauty! Wow!” and your friend says “What are you talking about? I don’t see anything???” your friend turns to see that you are wearing a blindfold. They reach over, untie the knot and tell you top slip it off. You do. Wow! There it is.

That is what the spiritual path does. It does not create something new but removes the veils which you wear and which prevent you from directly seeing the always already truth of Buddha Nature - the divinity of all appearance.

Now if you just said to your friend “You can see it!” Just say “I see it.” and that is all that is needed ….. well, that sort of makes you a jerk.