Gurdjieff said there is not one I but many.

Alchemical methods of non-dual realization: Contemplation, meditation, subtle yogas. ….

The path is not a museum relic. The methods transcend culture but can be practiced right here where you live. - Tsochen Khandro.
Ancient alchemical methods.

The Sufis say “You can not attain enlightenment by following the path but only those who follow the path attain enlightenment.” This is very true. The spiritual path does not create something new, or take you somewhere you have never been, rather it removes the veils which prevent a direct living gnosis of how things are in their reality.

One man can do nothing. Before anything else he needs help. ...One man can easily deceive himself about his awakening and take for awakening simply a new dream. If several people decide to struggle together against sleep, they will wake each other. It may often happen that twenty of them will sleep but the twenty-first will be awake and he will wake up the rest. — G.I. Gurdjieff
The search for enlightened wisdom.

An authentic spiritual path is not simply a grab bag of bits and pieces appropriated from other cultures mixed together like mashed potatoes. Nor is it a fantasy made up according to ego’s whims and fantasies. There is an actual structure to confused consciousness, there is a structure to how enlightened vision is veiled in consciousness. Knowing how this obscuration is embodied and enworlded in everyday actions one can understand the path of unveiling and revealing the always already enlightened reality of Buddha Nature. The true spiritual path is a science of human transformation and like any science its hypotheses have been tested in the laboratory of human life across centuries and cultures. Differing forms and flavors of the path have evolved to meet the needs of different cultures and times but the basic structures and aims remain the same.

Tantra and Dzogchen are the methods of wisdom bliss.

The system practiced at Tsogyelgar is the ancient method of Buddhist Tantra and Dzogchen. For millennia, yogis have mapped the subtle system of human consciousness and the pathways of the illusive yogic body. We practice the path of Vajrayana in its pure and exquisite beauty. As a person born and raised in the United States and having accomplished every phase of the path, t.k. is able to make the methods, explanations, and stages perfectly clear and practicable in accord with the needs of beings in this time and culture.

What is truly profound about the system of Vajrayana is that it contains every stage and level in profound detail. Within the meditations and methods is everything necessary to heal psychological wounds and clarify mental confusions which block access to the higher stages of the path. When ready, the higher stages contain a microcosm of the world’s great spiritual methodologies.

There are spiritual paths which focus on the emotional aspect of being through prayer and devotion. There are paths which focus on the physical through yoga, and work with the subtle body. There are paths which employ the razor like acumen of mind using the alchemy of contemplation. Tantra is a 4th Way which combines all of these to produce a swift and powerfully balanced path.

Vajrayna’s Tantra is a way of skillful means which, over millennia, has integrated all of these into a single system. Tantra has always been said to be a dangerous path for this same reason - a spiritual path which requires tremendous human integrity, courage, intelligence and independence. - t.k.
Vajra, the indestructible nature of enlightened mind.

At Tsogyelgar we practice the system of Vajrayana, Tantra, and Dzogchen, as originated by the Indian siddha Guru Rinpoche Padmasambhava in the eighth century. This path is comprised of View, Method, and Action. View entails a vision of the entire path - the nature of divine reality. View also explains the what, how, and why of Tantra’s subtle and powerful deity yoga and yoga of the subtle body. Method encompasses a broad range of meditational, alchemical, yogic, and contemplative practices which realize the View. Realize means to make real as lived experience. Action enhances realization through enactment of the wisdom bliss which is realized through Method.

Symbol of enlightened female wisdom.

Our lineage of Tantric practices emphasizes the inner yogic skills as a method for fusing the intensity of wisdom and the extensity of bliss into ever more subtle organs of knowledge capable of directly perceiving the nature, and understanding the essence of, enlightened mind.

The fire of radical spiritual enquiry, and the undying wisdom bliss realized by it, is not the possession of any cultural, time, place or being. No one can give it to you. No one can prevent you from realizing it. That one who drinks from the elixir of wisdom is born into deathless truth. -t.k.

The stages of the path run as follows:

Foundational Considerations: the pre-preliminaries considered in a unique alchemical fashion which transforms intellectual propositions into existentially transformative forces.

Preliminary Tantric Practices: “Ngondro” often called The Preliminaries because they are meditations and contemplation that forge body, emotion and mind into a functional whole strong enough to hold the powerful energies of Tantric initiation and practice.

Generation Phase: removes the gross obscuration which prevents mind from directly perceiving the sacred divine nature of all appearance. This phase uses meditation with Tantric deities, symbolic direct presentations, acting as alchemical triggers, of the unutterable wisdom bliss of reality.

Completion Phase: includes the well known Six Yogas such as Dream Yoga, Tummo or Inner Heat yoga, Illusory Body Yoga, Karmamudra or Sexual Yoga, the Yoga of Deep Sleep and others. These meditations culminate in a profound wisdom bliss known as the 4th Joy which opens the doorway to success in the practices of Dzogchen.

Great Completion: also known as Dzogchen is comprised of two phases, Trakchod and Tögal, which sever the root of duality and establish one in the state of non-dual wisdom awareness. This is Buddhahood.

The theory behind not buying spiritual truth is this: One who has it would not be selling it, so one who is selling it doesn’t have it. These are the ‘pearls without price’. As soon as you are ready for the spiritual truth, it will be given. On the other hand, you are given as you give. But paying a fee is not giving a gift. And you do not need to give to the one from whom you receive, as we are all cells in the body of humanity. - Peace Pilgrim