Why a Spiritual Path?

the way beyond ways

Spiritual schools exist to create the unique conditions necessary to quicken spiritual realization.

If you were in a prison and wanted to escape there would be great benefit in having a friend on the outside. Someone who could get the blueprints, arrange a get away car, bribe a guard. If you had friends on the inside as well things would be even easier. You are in a prison. The prison of a distorted vision of existence. Spiritual schools do not exist for those who can accept the advertising

A true spiritual school creates the circumstance where the entire human being might be educated. It is an alchemical chamber for realization and enactment of enlightenment under the direction of one who has lived every stage of the path.

Most human beings enjoy a deep sleep, like a cow or sheep grazing happily in the fields unaware of the slaughter house to come. A great deal of effort is made to insure that people do not wander to far from the enclosure of the herd pen. Still there will always, in every time and culture, be those whose MindHeart can not be consoled, fooled, sung to sleep by the lullaby conventionality. For these people the esot4eric teachings of the past are kept alive by a golden chain of realized beings.

For those that know that they are in a prison. One who knows they are in a prison, and a prison whose sentence spans from brith to death, want to escape. Those who feel compelled to move from death to the deathless, from darkness into light, from untruth into truth this is whom spiritual schools exist.

From the beginnings of culture there have been wisdom holders and their schools hidden in plain sight. Because they do not proclaim and proselytize, because they have nothing to sell, they remain obscure. They are self secret - seen only by those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. They are the friends who help one escape.

Spiritual schools simply offer and wait. To those who come they teach and make the work of the way possible. They are harder to detect than religion businesses, “spirituality” businesses, Corporate Mindfulness businesses because their activity is far to sacred to be turned into commodity. The true price of spiritual life is never financial, instead it is the sacrifice of cherished delusions and the radical act of profound maturity. The game of the religion business with its bought, sold, bartered spirituality has always existed weeding out sham seekers by offering up sham teachings and sham realizers with all their glitzy shtick.

A true spiritual school creates the circumstance where the entire human being might be educated. A place where each person might study themselves and learn the methods that turn the living body into an alchemical chamber of wisdom bliss. A place where one learns to transform one’s life into The True, The Beautiful and The Good through the realization of deathless wisdom bliss.