Tantra's alchemy of sensation into awareness.

Within Tantra alchemical transformation is effected by the potency of living aesthetic symbols. Because mind and appearance are a singularity all experience has the potency and potential of alchemical symbol revealing our inherent enlightenment as well as temporary confusions. The alchemical symbols of the path work as transformative catalysts within both mind and body. External appearance is the enworldment of mind just as body is the embodiment of mind. Understanding the correlations within this synergy allows for both internal transformative work as well as external magical work. Both spiritual alchemy and practical alchemy.

In the same Carl Jung understood that archetypes bubble up from the unconscious as transformative symbol so to the symbols of Tantra also function - only they bubble down from the superconscious state of wisdom awareness.

Tantra works with us as we are. And what we are is sensual beings, beings of the senses and so Tantra contacts wisdom manifesting as sensuous symbol. It is not enough to realize some abstract aloof awareness untouched by appearance. That is still trapped in a narrow and sad dualism and does not enter the door of true spiritual realization. Enlightened awareness knows not only the absolute freedom of the unmanifest divine without attribute and the surging bliss of the expanse of spirit’s radiance it also knows appearances as the play of that radiance and freedom. Appearance is the child of primordial purity and spontaneous presence.

Tantras symbols form a bridge moving the human being beyond the fractured consciousness which divides immanent and transcendent, divine and worldly and enters whole bodily into seamless godliness. - t.k, talks on alchemy

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