Wisdom Bliss 24/7/365

The wisdom bliss of a siddha,the love, joy, impartial compassion of the siddhas, is 24.7.365 unchanging and unaffected by circumstances. A siddha lives in what others would call a hell realm and experiences only a pure realm.

To imagine you can realize, make real in body speech mind qualities activities, this wisdom freedom through weekend retreats and armchair enquiry is the habit of a culture that is still deep in the dream of imperialist slave ownership's dominating 'take what I please' privilege.

The current rush of anaemic effete "non-dual' realization is the emperor's new clothes phenomena common to the tertiary and final stage of this privilege mentality disease. The sign of a culture sadly similar to Rome's self absorbed indulgence before the fall.

Still no need for concern or getting one's panties in a wad over it as the gentle insistence of suffering is a most patient teacher .... the gentle and not so gentle chiding of our loving Mother Prajnaparamita.

Children play dress up it is quite natural and, often, they grow up and actually become something.

t.k., a talk

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