Traktung KhepA

I would like to be a disciple without being one, without hope of learning. I would like to find through my good karma, auspicious dreams, searching, or through friends, an intelligent and expert powerful teacher to show me the truly correct path till the final result. It does not matter if he teaches in a hierarchical style, if he is a gypsy, a beautiful or terrible lady, a monk or nun, a god or demon, a layman or holy man, a janitor or craftsman. - Thinley Norbu Rinpoche
— Gypsy Gossip by Thinley Norbu Rinpoche

t.k. is an awakened one, an enlightened sage, farmer, poet, father and grandfather. Teaching from the directness and immediacy of spiritual realization he combines an astounding understanding of world religion, modern culture and psychology with step step experience of the ancient path of Tantra and Dzogchen.  This combination allows t.k. to teach in a style relevant to both our time and our culture while remaining true to the tried and tested methods of the Tantric Buddhist path. 

“It is vital that the path not be a museum relic or faddish fixation with foreign cultures. At the same time it is vital that the Buddha not be thrown out with the bathwater. There can be a tendency in our times of cultural appropriation to simply make a grab bag of bits and pieces of other cultures and ideas without practical and complete understanding. In the end that leads only to failure with a jaded cynicism towards the entire spiritual process. It is from having walked the path and also seen its entirety from the top of the mountain that one might be able to translate, not just its words but its essence and methods, into a new time and place.” t.k.
— traktung yeshe dorje

Born in 1959 in Washington D.C. the child of a philosophy and political science professors t.k. From his earliest years he remembered his previous life as the Tantric Crazy Wisdom adept Do Khyetnse who, as he died, prayed "May I be born in times uncertain and places unknown".  Based on these memories he fashioned his entire life into a spiritual search. At age 10 he was attending his father’s university philosophy classes, at 12 he was discussing spirituality with Jesuit priests, Marxist scholars and Franciscan friars. In his teens he began traveling to hear Krishnamurti, Osho, Sufi Masters, Zen Roshis, Hassidic teachers, worked in a Gurdjieff group and lived in Ashrams. All of this was done to accomplish the two aims 1. enlightenment and 2. the benefit of beings. He built a deep and strong foundation of understanding spiritual systems as they work and function in our time and culture while he also followed the direction of his inner spiritual life with its Tantric Buddhist origins. To balance these practical studies and experiments he received a degree in comparative religion.

In the Tantric tradition t.k. has followed the guidance of his life long visions and the encouragement and guidance of the great Nyingmapa siddha Thinley Norbu Rinpoche. In 1990 t.k. experienced a full and permanent spiritual awakening returning him to the state of wisdom bliss he enjoyed in previous lives. Since this time he has offered the transmissions and teachings of the Tantric Buddhist path at his center Tsogyelgar outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

t.k.’s style of teaching is direct, down to earth and pratical in the midst of modern culture. Springing from the immediacy of radical awakening his methods are both traditional and fluid. Able to speak as easily about the subtleties of Tantric method, Gurdjieff, western philosophy, farming, Goddess traditions, poetics, Krishnamurti, Osho, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Orthodox Christian prayer, Pseudo Dionysius, gardening or cooking he is able to connect with each person in accord with their needs.   

I am hiding amidst everyone. I have made the walls of my retreat hut from the fabric of appearance, hidden my mind in the emptiness of space and safeguarded my love in the guise of all beings.
— t.k.